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Workforce Velocity Allows you to See:

  • Measured labor forecasting predicting demand down to 30 minute intervals.

  • Overscheduling and under scheduled based on demand. 

  • Downtime and when to eliminate waisted labor and  increase productivity.    

  • Labor forecast measured against Key Performance Indicators to identify areas of improvement and scale your workforce accordingly.

Spreadsheets, post-it notes and emails don't cut it anymore.  Keeping up with market demands require advanced planning and turning on the dime.  Using reports and piece meal data can't provide accurate up to the minute data to keep up with the exploding upticks and downturns. 

Adapting a schedule of 100 employees or 1000 requires constant changes,. You need Workforce Velocity to smooth out the volatile ups and downs of scheduling and keep up with market changes.  Combining Applicant Tracking and Employee Onboarding and you have one easy to seamless system. 

Forecasting & Advanced Planning

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