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Industry Solutions


The Top 3 car rental companies rely on Workforce Velocity for their backend workforce planning and management.  The unique badging, time and attendance tracking and transaction based schedule modeling keeps labor cost within budget during peak season and when travel markets fluctuate.   


To better manage back of the house operations including housekeeping, event planning and maintenance, Workforce Velocity keeps up to the minute data and capacity previews using occupancy variables to increase Revenue per Available Room (RevPAR).  

Distribution Centers 

By adding timed studies for single and multiple item order picking, calculated values for order packing and lean tools to refine the processes, Workforce Velocity provides hourly labor estimations and scheduling for an online retailers warehouse.  Reporting and dashboards provide the input to help increase speed and volume.   

Supply Chain Logistics 

Multiple moving parts with multiple locations and various pay rates with different union restrictions is seamlessly translated by Workforce Velocity.  Giving both boots on the ground visibility and executive level big picture to meet the needs of a growing company.  Labor management needs can be highlighted and addressed before a bottleneck occurs


Having locations throughout the United States with multiple contract pricing schedules, multiple pay rates, bill rates, overtime rules and hourly restrictions is all performed in Workforce Velocity.  One system combining payroll integration and employee reporting for a large government contractor.   

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