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Workforce Velocity's Scheduling Tool uses:
  • Forecasted hourly production, benchmark tracking and performance measurements.

  • An algorithm that is designed specifically for each location. 

  • Adjustments for Increases and decreases to productivity and demand

  • Incorporates Union rules, vacation schedules and sick leave requests to provide daily labor capacity calculations and alerts if over time may occur.

  • What if analysis to determine the best way to meet your labor goals. 

  • Easily add and remove employees from daily and weekly schedules. 

  • Printed and on line employee schedules for complete visibility

Take the guesswork out of scheduling and the long hours of trying to make a perfect schedule for everyone.  Replace hours of spreadsheets with intelligent decision making and all the information for labor planning and employee input at your fingertips. 

Quickly fill shifts with employees available and automate the scheduling process though employee pools to eliminate error-prone assignments and over and under scheduling. 

& Labor Planning

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