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Rush Hour
Workforce Velocity Time and Payroll Integration provides:


  • Systems for 1 to 1,000 employees. 

  • Mobile and Kiosk solutions with GPS and badge security. 

  • Live timekeeping to see who is and who is not on site from anywhere, 

  • Out of the Box seamless integration with payroll software systems including ADP, Paychex, SAP, Oracle, QuickBooks and Great Plaines.  


Managing attendance and productivity starts when your employee clocks in. Forget the risk and challenge of integrating several systems for collecting time and submitting to payroll.  Workforce Velocity is the only system you will need for timekeeping and accurate payroll. 

Easily create pay codes, pay rates, bill rates.   Blended rates, transaction pay, automatic overtime, premium pay, and commissions are easily built to your workforce rules.  Automatically calculate shift differentials, blended over time and pay per transaction.  California break compliance built in. 

If you have 1 or 100 locations, minimize risk, and feel confident in providing an accurate paycheck every time.  It all starts when they clock in and out with Workforce Velocity.  


Timekeeping & 
Payroll Integration

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